A ‘seismic shift’ has seen the global economy turn to online shopping

It is NOT another Amazon

The world has taken to online shopping in biblical proportions. As every country in the world experienced mass lockdowns and quarantines, online shopping became the norm. All corners of the world exploded with e-commerce, parcel delivery and digital checkouts.

The shopper pre-covid was typically a bargain hunter, a coupon junkie, or a discount shopper. These shoppers would try on a pair of jeans at the local department store, put them back on the rack, and then go home to try and find it online at Amazon or eBay for $10 less

Online shopping has matured, and the online shopper of today has become sophisticated. They want more, expect more and demand more. Today the shopper wants to:

  • Shop local stores.
  • Browse all options and stock items.
  • Support the local community.
  • Talk directly with the store owners free of restrictions.
  • Discover the features and best fit of a product to their needs. Receive professional advice.
  • Discuss warranty issues.

Unfortunately, as the world evolved the shopping platforms stayed stagnant. Today Amazon and eBay and the like are the same product today as they were pre Covid.  Their business model relies on the shopper buying directly from them and not from the store owner, they manage the sale process because they take huge margins of each sale made. These marketplace platforms:

  • Try to block all communication between the shopper and the store owner.
  • Will not let the shopper shop directly with the store owner.
  • Require the store owner to spend extra hours daily adding product to their platform.
  • Charge massive fees for each sale.
  • All focus and dominant support is on the shopper and not the store owner.
  • Interrupt all talk and chat channels between the store owner and shopper for any advice on the product and purchase.

The Mega Mall platform has re-imagined online shopping

It has created an online platform that focuses on the store owners who then in turn focus on the customer. Packed with rich features:

  • Only Australian stores can be found in the Aussie Mega Mall and the like for each country.
  • Every store is 100% free to be showcased in as many aisles that fit.
  • Every store is showcased on page one.
  • Every store looks like and works like an APP, Taking the shopper to their store to browse and shop.
  • Every store has full channel access to the shopper and vice versa.
  • All communication is open and free to use between shopper and store owner.
  • All store owners branding is brought to the front.
  • No extra hours to upload product is required. Just plug in and watch it happen.
  • Swap, share and send unlimited store-branded digital business cards.
  • Online stores can plug into the swap stock room for the Australian B2B experience.
  • SOON TO BE RELEASED: online live video conferencing and chat between store owner and shopper experiencing a real in-house virtual tour and purchase options across Australia. Giving the shopper the advice and experience between them and the professional who knows their product and best options.

The Mega Mall platform is shopping re-imagined. It is online shopping the way it was always meant to be.

Every country deserves a Mega Mall

Online Shopping Reimagined

Definition of reimagined

transitive verb

to imagine again or anew especially

to form a new conception of


  • Crafted a new

    An online shopping centre showcasing local country stores and merchants exclusively.

    A unique “Sharing Economy” idea never done before. All-local-country stores and merchants in one shopping mall and all getting a FREE page one exposure experience!

  • Team of talent

    We understand that browsing and shopping used to be fun. Today the joy is only in the arrival of the parcel. Our team created an online shopping experience to would bring the fun back. 

  • Ticking all of the boxes

    To be sustainable, everyone has to win. 

    The shopper, the store owner, the local economy and the Mega Mall group.

    The Mega Mall platform is all about shopping with local-country merchants.

     It is a fresh good news story. It is the way online shopping should have been.

  • Build it and they will come

    Covid-19 has produced the perfect storm for online shopping.

    Many more of all demographics are now shopping online. The surge of online retail has created a mass interest in what we have built.


Well before Covid-19, the retail apocalypse was a global catastrophe! No country was immune.

The Aussie Mega Mall was launched as a sophisticated fight back against the arrival of foreign invaders like eBay, Amazon, Wish and Alibaba to name but a few. If we were to beat them then we needed to reimagine the shopping platform. Create significant points of difference.

We have! A shopping mall where shoppers can communicate directly with store owners.

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