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A few years ago, a Unicorn “Sharing Economy” idea was born. Airbnb founders, Brian Chesky; Joe Gebbia and Nathan Belcharczyk now with 100B market value is the largest accommodation provider on earth. These startup owners and key Investors are now billionaires and the pending IPO will probably soon make the world’s “smart money” people even richer

Airbnb do not own any accommodation to sell. Yet they found a unique way to leverage what already exists and importantly, get paid for it! It is now called, “The Sharing Economy”.

Soon after AirBnB was getting off the ground, Darryl Reeves was engaged by a new Australian startup also with a “The Sharing Economy”, idea applied to the banking sector in Australia.

Within eighteen months Darryl had leveraged this Sharing Economy financial opportunity and the business listed on the Australian stock exchange, Darryl made a few million dollars for himself, and much more for the founders. For Darryl, it was not enough! “I need my own Sharing Economy Big Idea!”

Darryl took a year off to dream about the future and allow “Life” to inspire. It did!

“Out of the Blue” as they say. One afternoon, chatting over a cup of tea with his old friend of twenty plus years, Neil, the “next big thing” was conceived between us. The Sharing Economy of Shopping! Without owning a shop, a product, a warehouse, a logistics company for distribution, etc., the Mega Malls idea was born!

‘We will build the largest shopping mall for Merchants all over the world!”

Today, we are “Live” with nearly 70,000 Merchants and growing fast with DIFFERENTIATORS the competition cannot provide.

  • No Merchant setup & lowest transaction fees
  • No product numbers listing limit
  • No Merchant branding loss
  • The shopper can deal directly with Merchant
  • Many more value-adding features

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