Firstly, Reimagine Shopping Online

Amazon launched its marketplace online in 2000. Online shopper numbers have grown exponentially since then. However, the business model and user experience remain largely unchanged until now. The concept of selling products at a price that renders competition helpless to compete whilst simultaneously forcing Merchants to submit to unconscionable fees and charges is out-of-sync with global sentiment and begging for disruption.

This business strategy and payments model has made Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Wish, Et Al the giants they are. It is also their Achilles heel.

Mega Malls Global have designed and created the next disruption. We reimagined the world of online shopping. Just as Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniac reimagined the Smartphone; Uber reimagined transport; Airbnb accommodation; Elon Musk space travel, electric and self-driving cars. The Mega Malls Global team reimagined shopping online. 

Creating a simply beautiful and convenient place for local merchants to connect to shoppers. A utopian space where merchants are not held to ransom and shoppers have much more support, more choices, more convenience and more feel-good moments when they, #shoplocal and, #shopsustainably.

  • Started with an idea


    In this world of tech, everything is evolving at light-speed. Smartphones, electric cars, internet speeds, and  communications are just a few of the typical changes we all experience every day now. In the last twenty years, online shopping has not changed.

    Amazon today is little different to the product they launched twenty years ago when we all had dial-up internet. The same can be said of eBay and all their “Copy-Cats”.

    The Mega Malls Global group set out to reimagine what online shopping should be and could be. Then we built it. It’s “Live” right now.

  • When Only The Best Will Do


    To reimagine online shopping we looked back over the centuries of the shopping experience. When the shoppers talked to merchants. When the shopper would browse the whole store and discuss their purchase. When going shopping was a family occasion cushioned by fun and joy. 

    We enlisted a team who remembered the good old days.  A team with technical skills and expertise as well as the real-life experience to know what it was that ever-made shopping such a wholesome experience in the first place. 

    We set out with the knowledge that Online Shopping needed to be more than just waiting for the parcel to arrive.

    When Only The Best Will Do

  • Protecting our own


    As more of the world turns each day towards online shopping it is time to innovate better more sustainable solutions. Benefiting everyone. No country can afford the invasion of Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Wish, Etc., Etc. to be dominating their online local retail environment. It is neither sustainable nor acceptable to see such a large chunk of a sale going to overseas shareholders. We can no longer afford foreign stores or drop shipping stores destroying our local economies, jobs, families, and societies.

    It is time to reimagine a better world, a sustainable shopping experience. A place where the shoppers win, the store owners win, local economies win with a system that is sustainable.

  • What’s not to love


    Launching firstly in Australia the Aussie Mega Mall is our ‘Showcase’ window.

    Through trials and errors and ambitious determination, we united almost 34,000 all-Australian online stores under one roof and we’re now growing fast.

    The Aussie Mega Mall is the solution to the Retail Apocalypse. At a time where many thousands of stores have been closing at an alarming rate due to the foreign invaders, we reimagined and built what online shopping could be, we created the experience that it should be. We saw the tsunami looming, we worked tirelessly to develop the solution. Now thousands are joining us, and millions more soon will! Organically at this stage but “with a little help from our friends” we intend to take the nations of the world very soon and very quickly to the safety of the higher ground.

    What’s not to love

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