The Mega Mall Team

Passionate about the survival of small business in e-commerce on a global scale

Darryl Reeves

Darryl Reeves

Director, Chairman, Co-Founder

Founder/Owner: Inspiration Catalyst; Motivation and Management; Mega Malls Ltd group.

A lifetime of international entrepreneurship: Professional presenter on four continents; Corporate trainer; Multi-award-winning sales performer including personal best of USD4m+ in sales from an audience of 1,800 in under 60 minutes.

Proud father: of one son and two daughters.

Personal Friend: of the other Mega Malls Ltd group Co-Founder and CEO, Neil Fairhead.

Neil Fairhead

Neil Fairhead

CEO - Co-Founder

As a ‘lifetime-visionary’, I bought my first computer in 1978, a Tandy TRS-80.

As IT designer, director and creator of the Mega Mall concept I have been both hands-on architect and implementation initiator of the product which has now become a global scale initiative.

I’m a proud father with two now-adult children who have entertained me and my genuine silliness as a dad.

My personal friend of 30 years is the other Mega Malls Ltd group Co-Founder and Chairman, Darryl Reeves.

Peter Banks

Peter Banks

CEO - MegaMalls Global

Three decades: International retail marketing; Business growth; Technology innovations; Team creation; Hospitality & retail/FMCG.

Gold medal award - Restaurateur of the year 2017 & 2018; ASEAN TripAdvisor - #1 best restaurant in its category

Consultant to: British Airways; GAME; DSGi; Sainsbury’s; Debenhams; Harvey Norman; Power House; Good Guys; Best Buy; Circuit City; Monster Cable (USA); SB Furniture (Thailand); Kingston Media (Taiwan); Lyoness (Asia); Thai Government BOI, PTT (Asia); Ministry of Industry Myanmar.

Co-founder: Microchannel Technologies Ltd; aCASA remittance services.

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Miriam Ratu

Miriam Ratu

South Pacific Mega Mall - Executive Manager

Business and Corporate Law Entrepreneur.

Founder: House of Ratu cosmopolitan fashion.

Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year 2007 Award (finalist) for a tech start-up in Queensland, Australia.

A Philanthropist and Co-Director of the Australian arm of World Outreach International (former); President of Pacific Fashion Festival.

Miriam is the key driver behind the South Pacific Mega Mall (SPMM ) enterprise for the Mega Malls.

Gerald Winninton-Ingram

Gerald Winninton-Ingram

General Counsel

Barrister-at-law (former); 25 years C-suite Executive; Strategic business consulting.

Consultant to: Banking; Advertising; Broadcasting; Telecoms; IT; Environmental Technology; Education.

CEO : HK-listed TMT; Head of Digital Media, Knowledge & Content Management IBM Greater China Group - IBM Global.

Founder: European satellite TV broadcaster, The Chinese Channel (acquired by Hong Kong TVB).

Matthias Gelber

Matthias Gelber

Sustainability Champion

Green Entrepreneur; Voted Greenest man on Earth; TedX Presenter; German-born.

Matthias Gelber is personally and professionally passionate about sustainability. As our "Sustainability Champion" Matthias lives and breathes our Mega Responsibility and commitment to "Sustain our environment, social fabric and our future."

“At the core of what we stand for, at Mega Malls Global we do less harm and more good!”

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